High-pressure brake master cylinder assembly; Note: J3 s/n 10339 and higher unless previously approved with Scott system.  Sold as a single brake master cylinder assembly - includes STC

High-Pressure Brake Master Cylinder Assembly - STC'd

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Tags: J3, J3C-40, J3C-50, J3C-50S, J3C-65, J3C-65S, PA-11, PA-11S, PA-12, PA-12S, PA-18, PA-18"105", PA-18"125", PA-18"125" (Army L-21A), PA-18"135", PA-18"135" (Army L-21B), PA-18"150", PA-18A, PA-18A"135", PA-18A"150", PA-18AS"125", PA-18AS"135", PA-18AS"150", PA-18S, PA-18S"105", PA-18S"125", PA-18S"135", PA-18S"150", PA-19, PA19 (Army L-18C), PA19S, PA-20, PA-22