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We encourage our customers to utilize our installation materials before and during construction. While we’re here from 8 am-5 pm Central time Monday through Friday to help, we’re sure these materials will answer most of your questions. Bonus—they’re here 24/7/365 so you never have to wait to look them up.


Flap Handle Assy.pdf Flap Handle Assy.pdf


fiberglass wing tip install.pdf fiberglass wing tip install.pdf

DC12448-INST (Headliner pg 2).pdf

DC12448-INST (Headliner pg 1).pdf

24-Gallon Fuel Tank Install.pdf 24-Gallon Fuel Tank Install.pdf (122.83 KB)

DC-24G-Instl-1 (page 1of 2).pdf DC-24G-Instl-1 (page 1of 2).pdf

DC-24G-Instl-2 (page 2 of 2).pdf DC-24G-Instl-2 (page 2 of 2).pdf 

DC-24G-Instl PA12-1 (page 1 of 2).pdf DC-24G-Instl PA12-1 (page 1 of 2).pdf

DC-24G-Instl PA12-2 (page 2 of 2).pdf DC-24G-Instl PA12-2 (page 2 of 2).pdf

Adjustable Rear Seat Installation.pdf Adjustable Rear Seat Installation.pdf (96.10 KB)

Aileron Cable Fabric Hole Reference.pdf Aileron Cable Fabric Hole Reference.pdf (54.11 KB)

Brake Master Cylinder - Instructions for Continued Airworthiness.pdf

DC60100 (Ext. Bag. pg 1).pdf DC60100 (Ext. Bag. pg 1).pdf 

DC60100 (Ext. Bag. pg 2).pdf DC60100 (Ext. Bag. pg 2).pdf

Fuel Selector Valve ICA.pdf Fuel Selector Valve ICA.pdf (1.01 MB)

          Fuel Line Attachment Fittings Supplement.pdf Fuel Line Attachment Fittings Supplement.pdf (462.81 KB)

Gascolator Installation Supplement.pdf Gascolator Installation Supplement.pdf (141.38 KB)

High-Visibility Sight Gauge Installation.pdf High-Visibility Sight Gauge Installation.pdf (318.09 KB)

install - leading edge.pdf install - leading edge.pdf

rib installation.pdf rib installation.pdf

Trim Handle Assembly.pdf Trim Handle Assembly.pdf (585.39 KB)

Wing Root Fairing Installation Wing Root Fairing Installation (555.12 KB)

Wing Tip Bow Installation Wing Tip Bow Installation (19.48 KB)

Wing Trammeling Wing Trammeling (318.55 KB)

Wire Pulls Wire Pulls (693.09 KB)


Dakota Cub Aircraft of Sioux Falls, SD specializes in direct-replacement parts for fabric-winged Piper aircraft and has been a leading Super Cub and Piper aircraft parts supplier since 1993. We hold STCs for improved parts such as our high-pressure brake master cylinders, high-flow/high-capacity gascolators, upgraded fuel selector valve, high-visibility fuel sight gauges, and our extended and slotted wings. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Website designed and hosted by Gage e-Services.