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Super 18

The type-certificated Super 18-180 is built by Super 18 LLC and is not affiliated with Dakota Cub Aircraft, Inc.

The Super 18-180 takes decades of improvements to the venerable Piper Super Cub and incorporates them fluidly into a 21st-century backcountry aircraft capable of taking you anywhere you can dream of going.

The Super 18 offers unparalleled slow-speed handling characteristics due to its leading-edge slot. The only new aircraft in its class to offer this wing design, the Super 18 is ideally suited for low-altitude, slow-speed maneuvering and short-field operations. Super 18 LLC, manufacturer of the Super 18-180, has scrutinized all aspects of the Super 18 and its heritage to design and build an airplane that is not just a rehash of previous design but an airplane that is truly optimized for rough-and-tumble flying.

Rest assured, the Super 18 is an airplane built upon honesty and dependability—because when you rely on your aircraft to perform at the highest levels every day, you can’t afford to be surprised by “optimistic” statistics designed to sell you an airplane.

Welcome to a world with no games—just honest performance.

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