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Part # DC41001

Ball Bearing Pulley - 2 3/4 FAA/PMA Approved

US $45.62

Parts Availability & Return Policy

Orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada may have an additional surcharge.


Ball Bearing Pulley - 2 3/4" (Aileron Control) - FAA/PMA approved


Model Eligibility

J3, PA-11, PA-11S, PA-18, PA-18S, PA-18"105", PA-18S"105", PA-18A, PA-18"125", PA-18S"125", PA-18AS"125", PA-18"135", PA-18A"135", PA-18S"135", PA-18AS"135", PA-18"135" (Army L-21B), PA-18"150", PA-18A"150", PA-18S"150", PA-18AS"150"
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