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Part # AF18-4

PA18 Widebody Fuselage

US $15,100.00

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PA18 Widebody Fuselage

Our fuselages are made from the highest quality 4130N tubing which is then CNC cut and bent.  That along with our heavy duty, precise fixtures leads to our fuselages having the most consistent, tightest fitting tubing clusters that are possible.  When the tubing clusters fit that well it takes less filler material and less heat to weld them together.  Less filler material means our fuselages are lighter.  How much lighter?  Approximately 7 pounds lighter than other widebody fuselages with the same tubing and same options.  The other benefit is less heat is needed to weld the tubing clusters together.  This means that our fuselages have minimal distortion and tighter tolerances.  What that means to you is that all of the parts that are being installed onto the fuselage will fit consistently and correctly with minimal effort to install.

Widebody Fuselage comes standard with:

  • Top Deck X-Brace
  • Inverted Dog Leg
  • Extended Baggage Frame Rails
  • Reinforced Boxed Tail
  • Dual Lift Handles
  • Removable Rear Seat Cross Tube
  • Adjustable Rear Seat (3 inches aft)
  • ELT Antenna Mount Inside Rear of Fuselage
  • Metal Belly Tabs on Aft 4 feet of Fuselage
  • Floor Seat Belt Tabs for the Front Seat
  • Removal of Original Battery Shelf

Available Options:

  • Float Fittings
  • Boot Cowl Mounted Battery Box (DCA STC)
  • Jacking Lugs (DCA STC)
  • Epoxy Prime Single Color
  • Epoxy Prime Two Color
  • Willow Mountain Baggage (Willow Mountain STC)

Model Eligibility

PA-18, PA-18S, PA-18"105", PA-18S"105", PA-18A, PA-18"125", PA-18S"125", PA-18"125" (Army L-21A) , PA-18AS"125", PA-18"135", PA-18A"135", PA-18S"135", PA-18AS"135", PA-18"135" (Army L-21B), PA-18"150", PA-18A"150", PA-18S"150", PA-18AS"150"

Current Lead Time

4 weeks

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